I am going to explain how to find yourself a professional accountant to help to do your business financial statements, tax planning, and yearly tax returns. The first thing to do is head over to our good friend, Google and open your search files on. I want you to type in the words certified accountant followed by your local area such as certified accountant Toronto. That should give you a listing of a long way of organizations that provide accounting services. It should also pop up the association bodies that actually certified accountants. For example, what we are looking for is in Canada, we have the certified general accountants. We also have chartered accountants. You might also find buddy such as certified practicing accountants. You are looking for a buddy that sounds like that that actually certifies accountants and gives them their professional designation. So, look down page 1. You should find that for your local area and I want you to click on it and go to that organization’s page. Check that it is actually an organization that certifies accountants and then, I want you to look for a little tag in the menu or somewhere around the page that says find an accountant and you are going to go to that page and it should give you a list of all the accountants that in your general area.

Now, why would you go here instead of looking for someone that actually gives reviews of accountants and looks like an accountant that has good referrals? The reason is, by going to the list on the certifying buddies website, gives you on a level of an assurance that they are actually qualified accountants because without any knowledge of the industry, you have no way of testing what they actually know. So by going to this list, you already know, they are professional certified accountant. You can rely on their designation. To being on that list, the accountant actually needs to be in good standing with the organization and to be available for clients to find them on that website. So, it is a good level of assurance. Now, write down the list and just find yourself a number of accountants that are in your area that is on location, that is convenient for you, and start calling them.

So, what you want to ask is not just about price but you want to actually specifically know, can they actually provide the services that you are asking? because surprisingly not all accountants will actually want to do your financial statements and you tax returns as you would think. So, you want to have a good conversation about what are the types of services they provide. An honest conversation about how big your company is because of them actually have a minimum level of say revenue or size of the company that they will deal with. Some of them would not to deal small businesses. Some might deal with doing your personal tax returns. So, have a good honest conversation as to what are you looking for and what they actually provide and then ask to go in and meet them and the meeting is really about having an a deeper conversation about your business, way you are going, way you are at, and get a feel for the personality of the accountant and know whether there is somebody that you would like to do business with.

You are not actually going to be over the tell how good they are in terms of what you feel is good service even as a business provider until you actually start working with them. So, you just need to have a good feel for personalities, comfort level that you think that they are going to the right fit for your business and then take the plan and start working with them and then if you are happy with them, obviously keep working with them and refer them to people that you know looking for accountants and help them out and if you are not too sure or you do not feel like they are doing a good job, take another step at interviewing and change the accountants until you find someone that you are really happy with.

It is very important to have an accountant. You feel like you can rely on them especially if you are small now and your business is growing. when your business expands rapidly, you really need a good accountant there to help you through the expansion phase. Help you with the planning, and help you sit down before your year and actually ends and plan out your taxes, plan out your numbers for the next year. It is so important that they are going to be there for you for that phase of your business.

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